Spark Therapeutics joins the skyline of Philadelphia

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Spark Therapeutics Announces Departure of CEO and Founder Jeff Marrazzo; COO Ron Philip Named as Successor

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Spark Therapeutics Announces Updated Phase 1/2 Study Results Supporting the Durability of Investigational Gene Therapy SPK-8011 in Patients With Hemophilia A

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Spark Therapeutics Enters Into Strategic Collaboration with Neurochase for Use of Proprietary Delivery Technology for CNS Disorders

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We don’t follow footsteps. We create the path.℠

Our mission at Spark Therapeutics is to unlock the power of gene therapy to accelerate healthcare transformation. We have built a fully integrated company, combining our proprietary adeno-associated viral (AAV) gene therapy platform with excellence in R&D, manufacturing and commercial operations. Find out more about how we strive to turn genes into medicines for patients with inherited diseases, including inherited retinal diseases (IRDs), liver-directed diseases such as hemophilia, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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