Patients & Families

At Spark® Therapeutics, our Patient Advocacy team serves as a bridge between Spark and members of the patient and caregiver community.

Through communication about our programs and with input from the community, Spark aspires to bring forward meaningful solutions. Spark Patient Advocacy gathers patient insights, seeks to understand unmet needs, and strategically partners with Spark colleagues to ensure patient communities are the guiding force for Spark throughout the program and product life cycle.

Patient Advocacy at Spark is focused on three areas:

  • Empower through education: Lead gene therapy education efforts, empowering people to initiate conversations with healthcare providers (HCPs), family members, and other community members about new technologies
  • Lead through differentiated community engagement: Build trusted relationships grounded in scientific credibility to advance care, commensurate with program or product lifecycle stage
  • Listen and learn from the patient community: Authentically represent the patient community experience across all programs and activities to enable incorporation of that experience into Spark’s approach

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Patient Advocacy

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Patient Services

Providing a caring support team, from confirmed biallelic RPE65-mediated IRD diagnosis through post-surgery follow-up.

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For questions, contact us at:
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Our commitment to the patient community

As our scientific programs progress, we are grateful to work alongside advocacy groups, raising awareness of and supporting people affected by diseases. Learn more about our disease areas of focus, and hear from members of our scientific team about what motivates them every day to propel Spark Therapeutics’ gene therapy research programs forward.

Clinical trials

Spark® Therapeutics is discovering and developing investigational gene therapies for debilitating inherited diseases, including inherited retinal diseases (IRDs), liver-directed diseases such as hemophilia, and neurodegenerative diseases. To see our current pipeline of investigational therapies, click here.