Corporate Social Responsibility

Sparking positive change in the patient communities we serve, scientific community we collaborate with and in the West Philadelphia community where we work.

Spark is committed to understanding the impact of our business practices on the environment and aspires to reduce our global emissions footprint.

Energy and Buildings LEED Icon

Energy and Buildings

As Spark’s West Philadelphia roots grow, we are actively designing and renovating new offices that are energy efficient and embrace the highest of standards used by green building rating systems such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Ongoing expansion efforts of our space across multiple floors of the Bulletin Building between Drexel University and the 30th Street Train Station are projected to achieve LEED certification in 2020, while offices we occupy within existing buildings, such as FMC Tower, 3711 Market, and 3675 Market, already benefit from LEED Gold certification for aspects of their design and build.

Multiple properties have green roofs to reduce storm water run-off and the amount of energy required to heat or cool the building.

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Waste Disposal

We manage wastes from our laboratories and manufacturing facilities with an eye toward minimizing our impact to the environment. When practical, we prioritize beneficial reuse and energy recovery. We prioritize limiting the use of landfills when alternate options are available.

At all facilities, Spark supports a multi-stream recycling program to create a more sustainable workplace.

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Employee-focused Efforts

Spark supports its employees commuting via public transportation through a commuter reimbursement program. This cuts back on the number of vehicles on roadways and reduces emissions. A number of employees also commute by bicycle, scooter or by foot from nearby residential areas.