Corporate Social Responsibility

Sparking positive change in the patient communities we serve, scientific community we collaborate with and in the West Philadelphia community where we work.

At Spark Therapeutics, we believe in a world where no life is limited by genetic disease. Since our founding, we have worked to create the path to bring gene therapies to patients and families. We are deeply committed to making this dream a reality for more patients and families not only through our scientific efforts, but through our social efforts, as well. Our corporate social responsibility efforts focus on sparking positive change in the patient communities we serve, in the scientific community we collaborate with and in the West Philadelphia community where we work.

Support patient-focused organizations in our disease areas of interest, including retinal disorders, liver-directed diseases such as hemophilia and lysosomal storage disorders, and neurogenerative diseases.

Support Medical grants in our disease areas of interest and scientific and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) initiatives that support today’s and the next generation of scientists.

Support local community programs near Spark locations, with a primary focus on West Philadelphia.

Who to contact with your request

For corporate sponsorships, charitable contributions and patient group requests, please email

For medical grant support, please visit

Additional information

Guidance for independent patient-assistance programs

Some of the organizations we support

We’re proud to support the work of  scientists, researchers, medical professionals, patient organizations, and community-based organizations that are finding ways to help those in need and make a lasting, positive impact.

Our commitment to the community

While the investigational gene therapies we are discovering and developing are potentially ground breaking, the enormity of our goal keeps us humble and focused on the lives we hope to change. Patients are our guiding force, and we are honored to be part of their community.

Community to Spark has many meanings:

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